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About WOW

The Women of Walker is a recommendation-based student program designed to prepare female students with essential skills needed for success in pursuing a career in business. Furthermore, the skills and knowledge acquired through this program can be applied to all facets of being a contributing member to one's career and personal communities. Founder of the Women of Walker and Computer Information Systems Professor, Dr. Dawn Medlin recognized an immediate need in the Walker College of Business for female business students. Pulling from her own experiences as a female in a predominantly male field of study, Dr. Medlin has made it her mission to help prepare females students for success in the world of business and in life.

The mission of the Women of Walker (WoW) is to accelerate professional development, personal growth, and leadership abilities for female business majors at Appalachian State University through networking, career exploration, travel, and professional development workshops and seminars. 


The governing values for WOW include three overarching and significant areas:

  • Empowerment – Growing and maturing as a person and as a future business professional
  • Professionalism – Working inside the Organization: for self, for others and for the Organization
  • Partnerships – Being mentored and serving as a mentor to others. Receiving and Paying it Forward.


 WOW members receive a variety of benefits that will prove helpful in building a well-rounded resume, networking opportunities limited to a select number of students and a diverse line-up of workshops:

  • Leadership education
  • Mentoring: Pairing with returning WOW members and female business professionals
  • Shadowing and major job exploration opportunities
  • Seminars and/or workshops twice a month at a minimum. Topics will include areas related to business professionalism: entrepreneurship, dining etiquette, interview skills, information on creating a positive social media footprint, financial literacy and brand and pitch development
  • Access to a library of professional resources
  • Conference and meeting travel
  • Networking opportunities


  • Female, WCOB Majors (Intended business majors for underclassmen)
  • Faculty/Staff written recommendation submitted to Advisory Board members
  • Ability to attend all Women of Walker interactions
  • Complete all exercises and reading materials provided
  • Engage with assigned mentor/mentee match throughout the program

Advisory Board

Amy Odom, odomah1@appstate.edu

Jackie Garner, garnerjn@appstate.edu