Alumni Spotlight

Scott Truong '17

Scott Truong, a 2017 alumni of the WCOB has degrees in both Computer Information Systems and Supply Chain Management.  During our conversation, Scott encourages students to really concentrate on their transferable skills as they finish their degree and start their new roles. He has some great insight to share with a contagious enthusiasm!

Hear the Conversation with Scott:
What's After This? Podcast

Destiny Rider '19

Destiny Rider is a 2019 alumna of the WCOB with a degree in Economics. Right after graduation, Destiny took a job with a small marketing startup in Durham, NC and has so many excellent things to share from her experience in just a short amount of time. Destiny is the definition of a go-getter and shares encouragement for those who are just not sure what they really want in their first job right after graduation.

Hear the Conversation with Destiny:
What's After This? Podcast

What's After This Podcast

This podcast is a chance for Business Career Services to sit down with employers, recruiters, alumni, and other friends of the Walker College of Business to talk about and answer students' questions about What’s After This - their time in the Walker College of Business. These episodes are filled with stories, advice and insights about career choices and changes. 

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