Truist Emerging Leaders Certification

Truist Emerging Leaders Certification

The Truist Emerging Leaders Certification is based on the model that beliefs drive behaviors - which in turn produce results. You will learn about the beliefs that drive your leadership behaviors – both in a positive and negative way. Based on theory, these highly interactive sessions will give you a better understanding of yourself and how you can lead others more effectively. You’ll leave with practical tools and strategies that you can use immediately to overcome any leadership blinds spots you may identify during these sessions.

The sessions described below focus on three foundational modules of our leadership content:

  1. Leaders Aren’t Born
  2. What’s Your Strategy?
  3. The Rules of Games

This certification is designed by The Truist Leadership Institute, whose mission includes the desire to expand the learning experiences of the next generation of leaders by supporting and creating awareness of leadership concepts.

Truist has decided to take key components of their Mastering Leadership Dynamics curriculum and make them available to emerging leaders in colleges and universities throughout their footprint.

This program is offered each semester and has limited capacity. Dates and times TBA.