On-Campus Recruiting

Walker Spring Connect

This spring event invites employers to interact with our students on varying levels throughout the two-day event.  They can choose to attend the career fair and conduct formal interviews the following day.

Walker Business Connections

This fall event invites employers to interact with our students on varying levels throughout the three-day event. This includes opting to sponsor a networking social to kick off the event on the night before the career fair, participating in a sponsorship lunch, meeting students at the career fair, and conducting formal interviews on campus the day after the career fair. 

Classroom Visits

Employers are invited by WCOB faculty and staff to come speak about relevant topics in their classes. Employers can schedule class visits based on industry and major field of study.  This is a great time to share about professional and career development, industry trends and practices, and brand your company in the WCOB.

Lunch and Learns

Employers are invited to host lunch meetings in Peacock Hall and offer a workshop about a topic of their choice.  This is another good opportunity to interact with a smaller group of students within a certain concentration or area of interest.

Formal Interviews

Employers are invited to use our facilities in Peacock hall for formal interviews.  This includes access to interview rooms, and assistance from a BCS staff member for check-in, logistics, and other planning with students.

Practice Interviews

Employers are invited to come conduct practice interviews for our WCOB students.  This allows a company to have a “first look” at some students who may not be quite ready for that real interview, in their career or in their skill set.  This is also an excellent branding opportunity for a company within the WCOB.

Contact Table in Peacock Hall

Employers are invited to host a contact table in the main lobby of Peacock Hall.  With this, they are invited to give away promotional materials, have access to students during high-traffic times between classes, and further branding. With this, an employer’s logo and branding materials are also featured on the Peacock Hall SCALA screens for the day(s) of their visit.

Coffee with Career Coaches

Employers are invited to join the BCS staff virtually or in-person to share more about their opportunities for students and graduates.  This time includes a meeting with career coaches and other staff who frequently interact with WCOB students and are aware of current career development trends on campus as well as ways to engage with students.