Sales Effectiveness Analyst

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As a Sales Effectiveness Analyst, you will be at the forefront of driving our business forward. Your primary mission is to work in harmony with the GTM Effectiveness Manager and Segment General Managers to spot, cultivate, and execute crucial tactical Go-To-Market opportunities that generate immediate financial results. Additionally, you will take charge of project management and execution for product and Go-To-Market programs, propelling our business's ongoing growth.

Your Responsibilities

- Identify, validate, develop, and execute key tactical Go-To-Market opportunities to fuel in-year financial success.

- Create project plans for the implementation of critical business initiatives, including new solutions, monetizable product modules, content exclusives, product partnerships, or analytics projects.

- Lead the successful execution of project plans, ensuring approved financial outcomes, and reporting progress to the relevant General Management team lead.

- Foster seamless collaboration across various departments, including General Management, product development, marketing, sales, and operations, to ensure effective Go-To-Market execution for product initiatives.

- Forge strong partnerships with the sales team to identify, prioritize, and act on tactical opportunities, optimizing our Go-To-Market strategy to drive growth.

- Provide support to the General Manager and Segment General Managers by conducting insightful analyses.

- Define, track, and monitor success metrics for our Segments/Markets, ensuring our strategy is on a winning course.

Key Qualities We're Looking For

-Collaboration: Be a proactive leader while also fostering team collaboration.

-Team Player: Contribute to our collective success.

-Trustworthiness: Build trust and rapport within the team.

-Prioritization: Effectively prioritize opportunities.

-Project Management: Manage multiple concurrent projects, keeping stakeholders updated and timelines on track.

-Communication: Exhibit excellent communication skills.

-Analytics: Be analytical and proficient in using data to inform Go-To-Market planning and actions.

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