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Acquire is an innovative sales and marketing company that provides exceptional services for our clients within their top retail locations. The entry-level Sales Account Manager is responsible for gaining knowledge of all company functions, including marketing, sales, and day-to-day business operations. We offer paid comprehensive training, and professional development opportunities to prepare our entry-level Account Managers to advance into leadership roles.


Thisentry-levelrole is instrumental in meeting our clients’ customer acquisition goals by utilizing face-to-face marketing, and promotional events within client's retailers to generate new business and leads.

Work aside, at Acquire we have fun!! We provide our team with opportunities to grow as a cohesive unit, including; team-building events, travel, professional workshops, and philanthropic opportunities!

Entry Level Sales Account Manager Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in a given market
  • Develop and implement innovative sales and marketing campaigns
  • Attend regular client training and developmental meetings
  • Generate new sales in client retailers

Entry Level Sales Account Manager Qualifications:

  • A Bachelors's or Associates degree is preferred but not required
  • Must have a willingness to learn
  • Strong analytical thinking skills


Entry Level Sales Account Manager Perks & Company Culture:

  • Professional travel opportunities
  • Leadership workshops and development opportunities
  • Paid training and performance-based promotions

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