Operations Trainee

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Vulcan Materials Company
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TheOperations Management Trainee Programwith Vulcan Materials Company is a structured training program designed to develop talented individuals into future leaders in the company's operations management field. The 18 to 24-month program offers participants the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and exposure to various aspects of Vulcan Operations, including Quarrying, Production, Quality Control, Logistics, Maintenance, Safety, and Environmental Compliance.

What You’ll Do

  • Promote Safety. Take an active role in prioritizing safety for yourself and others to ensure all assigned plants have zero accidents and are in total compliance with all Vulcan policies and procedures.
  • Learn the Business. This position will rotate through temporary assignments in order to gain a holistic understanding of Vulcan Materials Company, our operations, the day-to-day duties of many departments, and the importance of collaboration. Upon successful completion, the program will prepare an individual for a lead or supervisor role in plant operations.
  • Learn the Operations. Participate in hands-on training involving the operation of crushing and processing equipment, pit development, drilling and blasting practices, mobile equipment operation, quality control, customer service, maintenance, and overall facility management.
  • Monitor Processes and Materials. Assist in analyzing production, inventory requirements, quality control, site planning, pit development, and operational reports regarding stripping, mining, processing, stockpiling, loading, and shipping to understand best practices in production and delivery needs.
  • Inspect Equipment and Structures. Assist in daily inspection and maintenance of the plant and mobile equipment to understand best practices in diagnosis, as well as to ensure safe, reliable, and compliant operations to maximize production and minimize interruptions.
  • Perform Repairs and Maintenance. Assist with inspections and minor maintenance around the plant to understand best practices on repairs of all fixed and mobile equipment.
  • Additional Responsibilities. Other duties as assigned.

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